Dr. Eric KramerDr. Eric Kramer

Presidental Professor, Communication
University of Oklahoma

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Samples of Scholarship

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Dr. Eric Kramer, Communication, Univ. of Oklahoma

Spring, 2013, Presidential Professorship, University of Oklahoma [video]
Spring, 2010, Dean's Outstanding Academic Advising Award, College of Arts and Sciences [video]


Invited Talk


KRAMER, E. (2011, July 4). Keynote speaker. The Significance of Intercultural Communication. Intercultural Communication Forum hosted by the National Immigration Agency,Ministry of the Interior, Taipei, Taiwan.


KRAMER, E. (2010, January 15). The Development of Cross-Cultural Studies in the United States. Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, Fu Jen Catholic University Taipei, Taiwan. [Simultaneous interpreting into Chinese provided.]

This invited lecture is the first in the series of workshops hosted by Fu Jen Catholic University in preparation for integrating 3 graduate institutes (i.e., graduate institutes of Linguistics, Comparative Literature, and Translation and Interpretation Studies) into the Graduate Institute of Cross-Culture Studies in May, 2010.  


KRAMER, E. (2010, January 13). Workshop on Intercultural Communication and Translation and Interpretation Studies. Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan.


KRAMER, E. (2009, December 29−2010, January 10). 10-Day Workshop on Dimensional Accrual/Disassociation and Comparative Civilization. Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan.


Keynote Address:
KRAMER, E. (2006). How we Arrive at Origin: How is it that We Can Ever not Always Already be at Origin?  Presented at the XXXV Annual Jean Gebser Conference, Sacramento, California State University, Sacramento, October 27.


Keynote Address:
KRAMER, E. (2002). The Myth of Democracy:  The Disarming of Democritia and the Rise of Athenian Empire. Presented at the XXXI Annual Jean Gebser Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 26.


Invited to the UNESCO funded Celebration Conference “Journalism in Totalitarian and Post-totalitarian Societies,” to commemorate the one hundred and fiftieth year anniversary of journalism in Bulgaria.  Held September 1994, The Saint Kliment Ohridsky University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Invited to guest lecture and to deliver a speech to the students and faculty of Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Japan, July 1 and July 2, 1994.

Awards & Honors


President's Associates Second Century Presidential Professorship, University of Oklahoma

Presidential Professors are those faculty members who excel in all their professional activities and who relate those activities to the students they teach and mentor. These professors inspire their students, mentor their undergraduate and/or graduate students in the process of research and creative scholarly activity within their discipline, and exemplify to their students (both past and present) and to their colleagues (both at OU and within their disciplines nationwide) the ideals of a scholar through their endeavors in teaching, research and creative scholarly activity; and professional and university service and public outreach. Awardees may retain the Presidential Professor title permanently.


Dean’s Outstanding Academic Advising Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oklahoma.


Hsieh, E., & Kramer, E. M. (2008, May). The clashes of expert and laymen talk: Constructing meanings in interpreter-mediated medical encounters. Paper presented at the annual meeting of International Communication Association, Montreal, Canada. (Top Paper, Language and Social Interaction Division)


Elected Fellow and Scholar, by the International Communicology Institute.


The Shorei-sho Award for best book of the year given by the Communication Association of Japan, June 9, 2000 for Ibunka Komyunikeshon Nyumon [Introduction to Intercultural Communication] by Ikeda, R. & Kramer, E., Tokyo: Yuhikaku Press. 


Nominated for the university wide Excellence in Teaching Award by the Department of Communication of the University of Oklahoma.


Nominated by Dr. Rufus Fears, Dean of Arts and Sciences of the University of Oklahoma for an Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Fellowship.


Nominated by Professor Gustav Friedrich of The University of Oklahoma, for Outstanding Young American


Elected to membership in the Husserl Circle of scholars.


Chosen as the Graduate Student Representative to the university wide  Executive Planning and Allocation Committee of Ohio University (1979‑1980).


Graduated Cum Laude, Ohio University.

Editorial Services

Founding Member


Founding Editor of the Hampton Press book series Communication, Comparative Cultures and Civilizations.


Co-founding Editor, Integral Explorations an international, interdisciplinary journal specializing in Gebserian studies, with Mike Purdy of Governors State University, and Noel Barstadt of the Gebser Archives at Ohio University (we are currently organizing to move the International Gebser Network Newsletter to the status of a quarterly journal)


Co-Founding editor of the Journal of Intercultural Communication (a SIETAR journal).



Incoming Association Editor, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.


Editor, Hampton Press book series: Communication, Comparative Cultures and Civilizations.


Managing Editor, Integral Explorations, the official journal sponsored by the International Gebser Society


Elected Editor of the newsletter SEMCOM of the Semiotics Interest Group of Annual Speech Communication Association. 

Member, Editorial Board


TAMARA: Journal of Critical Organization Inquiry.


Journal for Comparative Literature and Culture, Institute for literature and philology, Vilnius University.


Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication


Communication Yearbook (Vols. 30-33)


Journal of Communication


TAMARA: Journal of Critical Postmodern Organization Science.


Communication Studies


Discursive Play

Honor Societies, Academic Institutions, & Professional Organizations


Invited as a Founding Member and Director of the Institute for Comparative Studies, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania. 


Elected member of the International Board of Directors for the INSTITUTE FOR COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND FOLKLORE, Vilnius University, Lithuania.


A Co-Founder of the Institute for the Study of Globalization at the Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala City.


Each year since September 1995, I have been invited by the Inamori Foundation of Japan to nominate for the prestigious Kyoto Prize (the category philosophy), which includes a prize diploma, a gold medal, and 50 million yen (approximately $460,000).


Invited to join the National Fulbright Association, August, 1993.


Inducted into the Academic Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi, April 8, 1993, University of Oklahoma.


Elected Vice‑President of the Gebser Society, November 25, 1992.


Elected Vice‑President and Parliamentarian of the Ohio University Graduate Student Senate, (1979-­1980).


Inducted into the National Social Science Honors Society Pi Gamma Mu, Ohio University

Significant Scholarly Pursuits and Experiences


Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria in Journalism and Mass Media.  First “Westerner” elected to the journalism and mass media faculty of the national university (Saint Kliment Ohridsky University of Sofia).  Research projects: the emergence of private radio and the use of consumer electronics to counter-argue official state sponsored news in communist Eastern Europe (i.e., Solidarity’s use of camcorders in Poland, democratic movement’s use of camcorders in Bulgaria pre-1990). Also taught American Cultural Studies.


Post-doctoral studies with Karl Pribram at the Brain Research Center, Radford University, Virginia.


Selected as the first visiting scholar between Ohio University and Feng Chia University, in the Republic of China. I undertook intensive culture and language studies. I lectured in Communication Theory.


Intensive one year graduate tutorial in cross‑cultural communication and comparative civilizations with Professor Detlef Lauf of the Carl Jung Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.


Attended (by invitation) the Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Perugia, Italy.  Studied logic of the social sciences and hermeneutics. Principle lecturers included Professor Hans‑Georg Gadamer, of Heidelberg University, Germany; Professor Paul Ricoeur of The University of Chicago and The University of Paris; and Professor Thomas Seebohm holder of the Kant Chair, The Gutenberg-Universitat, Mainz, Germany.


Member of Ohio University sociological field research team to Guatemala and Belize.  Studied the unionization of sugar cane laborers.


Graduate studies in Russian formalism and structuralism with the Russian émigré poet Tomas Venclova who is now at Yale University. 


Graduate Studies toward an M.A. in Philosophy, Ohio University, all necessary courses completed.


Spanish language and archeological studies Universidad de Veracruz, the Humanities Division, Xalapa, Mexico.  I studied poetry with the poet and art with poet/muralist Antonio Serna.